Back to Work

This past weekend we loaded up some cars and returned to our beloved Exeter, NY to begin work on our new full length album. We’re working with J. Blaze, the same producer/engineer as we did for Get On With It, a really talented guy who works tirelessly, has an astounding ear, and is really the best friend a band could have.

A Luddy-eye view of the studio.

We recorded the bulk of Get On With It in a single, sleepless long-weekend, passing out on couches in between takes. For the full length we’ve opted for a more measured approach. Sleepless, still, but a few songs at a time, taking it slowly to ensure we get the best takes, spending time fooling around in the woods to get the right energy.

Adam recording the vocals for "Head in a Box."

So last weekend we tackled a trio of songs that we’ve been playing out since last winter: Head in a Box, the ever-raucous Mean, and Can’t Go Back.

Recording a song you’ve known for a while is always fun. The pressure is low, and you’re inclined to stretch things out and try stuff you’ve never tried before. I was personally very excited to record Head in a Box, a song that has always had that feel for me. The night we debuted it was also the first night I played my beloved “garbage guitar”, the old 1965 Harmony Rocket I found in the trash.


We had a phenomenal go at Mean, too, and the response we got when we had our friend John Cusick join us on piano while we were playing it out over the summer has inspired us to have him come back for the recording. Hopefully we’ll track that soon.

The electric guitar setup.

Can’t Go Back is going to be a lot of fun too. We got down the basics, but Luddy has some tricks up his sleeve that we’ve yet to put down to tape. And there’s talk of getting some horns in the mix.

J and Luddy in the Dining/Control Room.

It was a phenomenal start to what will be an incredibly fun album, and a great opportunity to sit around a bonfire in the woods drinking whiskey with the band.

We’re ready for another year of shows, another year of new songs, and we’re especially jazzed to keep heading up to our secret farmhouse lair so we can bring those new tunes to your ears. Happy Holidays from Otsego, all. And stay tuned for much much more.