2012 – Live at Legion (free download)

Live at Legion

  1. Mean
  2. Oh No
  3. The Sea
  4. New Names
  5. Head in a Box
  6. Don’t Fear It
  7. Whiskey
  8. Sorry I Missed You Again
  9. Don’t You Know

Recorded at Legion Bar in Brooklyn, NY on March 31, 2012. Featuring Rachel Murphy on bass and backup vocals.



2011 – Get On With It (EP) (purchase)

  1. Ain’t No Doctor
  2. Don’t You Know
  3. Warning Light
  4. Stupid Kid
  5. Windows
  6. Sorry I Missed You
  7. Take All The Time

Recorded in October of 2010 in Exeter, NY, GET ON WITH IT is the debut recording from Otsego

Recorded by J. Blazes, Produced by J. Blazes and Otsego

Guest musicians:
Osei Essed: Bass on tracks 1, 2 and 3
Johnny Hayes: Bass on track 4
Lou Lasher: Bass on tracks 5 & 6